Board of Health

The Jones County Board of Health is the policy-making, rule-making and adjudicatory body for the Jones County Health Department. The Board of Health has the responsibility to protect and promote the health of the public.  It has the authority to adopt rules necessary for that purpose.

The Board is composed of 11 members that reasonably reflects the population makeup of the county.  By law, the 11 members include one physician licensed to practice medicine in the state, one licensed dentist, one licensed optometrist, one licensed veterinarian, one registered nurse, one licensed pharmacist, one county commissioner, one professional engineer, and three representatives of the general public.  The members are appointed by the Jones County Board of Commissioners (see link below).  The Board currently has a vacancy for a Licensed Dentist.  If you are interested in filling this position, please contact Wesley P. Smith, Health Director, at 252-448-9111 ext. 3000.

The Board of Health may adopt a more stringent rule in an area regulated by the Commission for Health Services or the Environmental Management Commission where, in the opinion of the Jones County Board of Health, a more stringent rule is required to protect the public health.  Otherwise, the rules of the Commission for Health Services or the rules of the Environmental Management Commission shall prevail over local Board of Health rules.

Jones County Board of Commissioners

North Carolina Public Health General Statutes


Board of Health Meeting Dates

Board of Health Meeting Agendas

Board of Health Meeting Minutes 


Jones County Board of Health Members 

Mandy K. Marshburn, CNM, MSN – ILO Licensed Physician*

Rev. Charlie Dunn – ILO Licensed Optometrist*

Dr. Steve Stelma – Licensed Veterinarian – Chair

April Aycock, RN – Registered Nurse

Candace Andrews, PharmD – Licensed Pharmacist

Frank Emory – County Commissioner Appointee

Myron Meadows – Professional Engineer

Robert Jolly – General Public Member – Vice Chair 

Wayne Hurley – General Public Member 

Beth Meadows, RN – General Public Member

Vacant – Licensed Dentist


 *ILO In lieu of


Board of Health meetings are held at 6:00 pm in multi-purpose conference room between the Health Department and the Department of Social Services.  The entrance to the conference room is located at the rear of the building. We encourage the community to attend these meetings and become involved. 


For more information about our Board of Health Meetings, please contact the Jones County Health Department at  252-448-9111, ext. 3000.